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Arabic Language Centre

Arab Latvian Chamber of Commerce (ALCC) offers Arabic language courses for professionals and beginners. Our instructors assess each professional’s career, functions, tasks and responsibilities in the workplace then we create special material that is crucial for that professional to learn. We will also take into consideration the region of the Arab world the professional will be doing business with in order to prepare on that particular dialect. Main focus will be the development of conversational ability and auditory comprehension.


•Development of professional vocabulary (used in your field)

•Ear training exercises to help strengthen your ability to understand Arabic

•Transcription drills and exercises to help you better understand Arabic

•A user friendly approach to Arabic grammar, verb conjugations, and tenses

•A professional cheat sheet of what phrases, vocabulary and questions you will need to use on a daily basis


Arab Latvian Chamber of Commerce has Head Quarter and Ambassador offices cover Latvia, the Baltic States and the Arab world.

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Arab Latvain Chamber of Commerce

Arab Latvian Chamber of Commerce (ALCC) is a non-profit /non- governmental organization that serves as a conduit to create strategic connections between prominent the Arab world and Latvia (the Baltic States) private sector enterprises, government officials, trade development agencies, and academic institutions.

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