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Business incubator

Arab Latvian Chamber of Commerce (ALCC) Business incubator is combination of infrastructure and personnel designed to support the successful development of new, viable and competitive Arab world small and medium sized businesses and investment in Latvia through an array of business early stage support resources, business environment, day to day advisory services necessary for entrepreneurship and concerning business development fundamentals.


ALCC Business Incubator services are available for a maximum of three years. Upon enrolment, the enterprise may not have more than two years since its registration with the Commercial Register of the Republic of Latvia.



ALCC incubator offer several services:


Studies Services:

- Consultations and preparing project and business plans;

- Consultations and preparing Market and Marketing plans;

- Consultations and preparing feasibility study;

- Consultations and preparing other studies;


Business Setup Services:

- Support and consultations registering the company;

- Support and consultations opening company bank account;

- Support and consultations appointing company accountant;

- Support and consultations appointing company employees;

- Support and consultations receiving state co-financing and program submitting’s;


Business Centre Services:

- Opportunity to get legal address and receive mails;

- Opportunity to get local telephone number, Fax to E Mail and speed Internet access services;

- Opportunity to get secretary services ( life telephone answering in your company name);

- Opportunity to use modern furnished  premises, office equipment, conference premises and meeting rooms;

- Opportunity to use warehouses, laboratories, and also public utility services on low payment;


Development Services:

- Support and consultations developing company members related skills; 

- Support and consultations developing product and services;

- Support and consultations developing company partners and network;

- Support and consultations entering new markets;

- Support and consultations targeting clients , as well as public media, publishing and marketing;

- Support and consultations accessing to bank loans, loan funds and guarantee programs;

- Links to higher education resources and strategic partners;

- Comprehensive business training programs;

- Advisory boards and mentors help with regulatory compliance;



After Incubator Services:

- Support and consultations crating advisory board;

- Support and consultations crating new opportunities in integration;


Arab Latvian Chamber of Commerce has Head Quarter and Ambassador offices cover Latvia, the Baltic States and the Arab world.

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Arab Latvain Chamber of Commerce

Arab Latvian Chamber of Commerce (ALCC) is a non-profit /non- governmental organization that serves as a conduit to create strategic connections between prominent the Arab world and Latvia (the Baltic States) private sector enterprises, government officials, trade development agencies, and academic institutions.

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