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Information & market checking for products and services 

Arab Latvian Chamber of Commerce (ALCC) main role is to provide its members, traders and investors with all necessary information about business environment in Latvia, the Baltic States and the Arab world. This is including linking the potential trade partners from both sides.


ALCC Information services related to:

- Country information   - Economical information   - Market information   - Trade information

- Investment information   - Product/services information   - Potential partner information

- Competitors information   - Target client information

Such information include: rules, laws, taxation/ fiscal system, custom duties and tariffs, excise-duties, VAT, licensing, quotation, certification, ecological control, safety regulation, safety regulation and other export/import regulating norms by HS (Custom) codes and extra information  such as human resources, labour laws and rules, immigration, visas, salaries and others.


Information with special inquiry:

ALCC also provide information by special request about any particular company or enterprise registered in EU or in any Baltic or Arab country. Information on special inquiry includes:

Potential Partner

Finding potential partners in Latvia, the Baltic Sates and the Arab world for co-operation in trade, development and investment.

Company General information: Name of entity, type, legal address, registration date & No., email, phone and fax numbers as well as main products/services.

Company Management Information: Owner/s, directors, managerial staff, representations, number of employees, range of products/services.

Company Financial Information: Net turnover, Fixed assets, share capital, balance and any financial situation.

Company Reputation  Information: Goodwill, claims, blacklist, credibility and local reputation

Competitors Information: Information on competitors, their contact information, as well as information on range of products and services they are providing. 


Arab Latvian Chamber of Commerce has Head Quarter and Ambassador offices cover Latvia, the Baltic States and the Arab world.

Partners and Members

ALCC Members
Arab Latvain Chamber of Commerce

Arab Latvian Chamber of Commerce (ALCC) is a non-profit /non- governmental organization that serves as a conduit to create strategic connections between prominent the Arab world and Latvia (the Baltic States) private sector enterprises, government officials, trade development agencies, and academic institutions.

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