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Arab Latvian Chamber of Commerce (ALCC) is a non-profit /non- governmental organization that serves as a conduit to create strategic connections between prominent the Arab world and Latvia (the Baltic States) private sector enterprises, government officials, trade development agencies, and academic institutions.

Arab Chamber of Commerce (ALCC) located in Latvia and it works mainly in Latvia, Baltic Sates(Estonia and Lithuania) and Arab world (Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq ,Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan , Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirate, Yemen and Somalia). ALCC also help Arab World company to enter Scandinavian and EU markets using our Latvia HUB Gate which considers also as a backyard to Russian and Belarus.

Arab Chamber of Commerce (ALCC) welcomes Latvian, Baltic States and Arab World companies and individuals with a recognizable reputation or significant business interests. 


Helping you expand your network of connections: ALCC host and arrange Business Missions, Business meetings and special events throughout the year these events represent an excellent networking opportunity, and allow members and guests to listen to the views of prominent business figures.


Providing Access to reliable information: ALCC information centre and research, provides insights on trends and investments in the Latvia and Arab World economy and can help you locate new partners, customers and target your marketing efforts. ALCC responds to any related of business information needs of its members.


Providing reliable business opportunities: ALCC Business, Trades, Investments and Tenders Alert Service provides free online access to the latest projects, tenders and investment opportunities related to Arab World, Latvia and Baltic States cooperation. An e-mail alert is sent to subscribers with the latest information. ALCC help you to promotion of your business and enter in the dynamic 22 Arab World markets as well as the 3 markets of Baltic States which they are considered as a main gate to Scandinavian markets,


Helping you find a suitable partner: ALCC Business Matchmaking provides a free forum for browsing and submitting business opportunities, such as offers to buy or sell products, requests for trade partners or investors, and notifications of import/export opportunities.


Providing Access to International Integration programmes: ALCC give you a access to many governmental and NGO’s Business development programs in EU and Arab World. ALCC also give you the advice and help you to prepare the required documentation and submitting it to those programs. ALCC have it’s business development and Arab Latvian integration programs.


Assisting your marketing efforts: ALCC assist your Marketing Efforts by ALCC Website Promotional Opportunities, ALCC Monthly e – magazine, event sponsoring and even a direct sales meeting and event representation in behalf of your company.


Developing your Human Resources: ALCC offers a variety of services for human resource development designed to enhance the expertise of member companies such as Professional Designations, Management Workshops, Courses and training.


Discounts: ALCC members will also receive special discounts on products and services offered by ALCC and ALCC member companies. Discount from 10 -100% is available.


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ALCC Membership Types: 

   A. Corporate Membership Types        

1. Wholly Principal Membership 
Open for Arab World, Latvia and Baltic Sates corporate, branches, agents or representative.          
(+500 or -500 employees)

2. Single Principal Membership 
Open to young entrepreneurs who are two years old or less.    

3 . Expert Membership
Open to Latvia or Baltic Sates corporate who have significant business relations of two years or more with Arab World corporate & to Arab World corporate who have significant business relations of two years or more with Latvia or Baltic Sates corporate.  


   B. Private Membership Types
(No rights to use any  of  business activities offered by ALCC)  

1. Individual Affiliate Membership 
Open to individual staff members of companies that are already members of the ALCC 

2. Individual Membership 
Open to any individual aim of ALCC missions 

3. Young Professionals Membership
Open to professionals under the age of 35 when applying for membership

4. Student Membership 
Open to any student aim of ALCC missions 


   C. Organizations Membership Types        

1. Partner Membership 
Open to chamber of commerce, official business developing agency’s and related diplomatic missions. 

2. Organization Membership 
Open to public organizations, NGO’s and multilateral institutions, those have significant relationships with Latvia (Baltic) and Arab World, and which are organized for charitable, educational or related purposes.    


   D. Honorary  Membership Type

Open by invitation only         


Why Become an ALCC Member?

Membership Benefits:


- A chance to extend your business horizon through events and networking opportunities.

- Expand your network of connections in official levels

- Partnership, business and new markets opportunities.

- New business, Trade, Tenders and Investment opportunities alert.

- Promote your business in the dynamic 22 Arab World markets and the 3 markets of Baltic states which it is the main gate to Scandinavian markets as well as EU and Russian Markets.

- Providing Access to reliable information and Pre- Invest information.

- Join ALCC overseas business mission, event and programs.

- Dedicated friendly professional LACC officer to advice in any of your trade or investment plans.

- Expert and efficient service for all that you require to get your goods to their destination.

- Maximizing the potential of your staff through the unique range of training courses.

- Assisting your marketing efforts. Member Logo and information publish in ALCC website.

- From 10% up to 100% special discounts on products and services offered by ALCC and ALCC member companies.