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Arab Latvian Chamber of Commerce (ALCC) disposes of a wide experience in the Arab world, Latvian and the Baltic Sates market; it has a wide contact network in those countries. The availability of valuable information and data bases from different sources in Latvia and the Arab world in addition to the highly qualified team, constitute main factors of high quality of quantitative and qualitative research services. This service is open for all companies who desire to undertake business with the Arab world, Latvia or any other Baltic States.

Economic research and economic studies constitute a key factor for a successful project and a successful management.

Research Fields:

Arab Latvian Chamber of Commerce (ALCC) provides a range of research services designed to support Latvia, Baltic and Arab business leaders. Due diligence and strategic intelligence – ALCC carries out many of requests every year for strategic intelligence and due diligence support.  ALCC also taps into a wealth of other sources when more in-depth research is needed.

Business resources – ALCC uses its network of long-standing relationships in Latvia and the Arab world to connect companies to reputable, reliable service providers.  This includes but is not limited to government agencies, law firms, accounting firms, chambers of commerce, consulting agencies, banks and financial services companies, media and public relations enterprises, and et cetera.

Market research – ALCC and its partners are offering basic market research to Latvian companies that are considering entering Arab market, and vicing versa.  Such researches includes but is not limited to target market analyses, market segmentation, brand positioning, competitor analyses, demographics, focus groups, regulatory frameworks, labelling requirements, and et cetera.

Entrepreneur & incubation services – For government officials and business leaders who are focused on job creation, access to entrepreneur resources and business incubation services is vital.  For particular interest to policy makers in the Arab world is “lessons learned” in the EU over the years in support of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), an increasingly important market segment in the Arab world. 

Research Services:

The research services includes all the economic studies, more precisely Arab Latvian Chamber of Commerce can help your enterprise in performing studies in the following fields:

- Cost-benefit analysis

- Investment opportunities

- Market structure and market share

- Marketing strategies

- Trade-related laws, and laws related to creation of enterprises


Arab Latvian Chamber of Commerce has Head Quarter and Ambassador offices cover Latvia, the Baltic States and the Arab world.

Partners and Members

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Arab Latvain Chamber of Commerce

Arab Latvian Chamber of Commerce (ALCC) is a non-profit /non- governmental organization that serves as a conduit to create strategic connections between prominent the Arab world and Latvia (the Baltic States) private sector enterprises, government officials, trade development agencies, and academic institutions.

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